SSMS: 2016 error version is too old


This error is one of many that I have seen which deals with older versions of Management Studio connecting to newer database engines ( > 2014 and Azure)

Setting up distribution agent for replication you may get the error:

Error configuring distribution- “Publishing and distribution are supported only in SQL Server version 7.0 or later”


Setup and Code:

This error occurs when you connect to a newer version of Sql Server with an older Client version.

This occurs frequently as they update the Azure environment, if you successfully ran a script last week in Azure and you get a message now that says “ the command is not supported in this version of SQL Server” try this resolution as well. ( this assumes database compatibility has not changed )



Most likely you are connected to the instance with an older version of Management Studio.

Try updating to the latest Management Studio version. ( See below for download link)


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